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4 generations on the farm!

Some say working with family can be tough … and sometimes it is, but there is just something so special about working with people you love! Fall of 2016 was very exciting for us; we officially had four generations of Capps’ working at the farm!

Let me introduce the family:

Pop (my grandfather) teaches the barnyard lesson on field trips, and works the information booth on the weekends. He loves interacting with all the people who come to visit the farm. If you call him Pop, his preferred name, it might just score you a kiss on the forehead!

Grandma helps in the Mason Jar Market during field trips, and works in Admission on the weekends. She loves to watch all the cute kiddos, who come to the window with their parents!

The Farmer, my dad … well, he just about does everything on the farm! You will probably see him running around on a golf cart, doing a million things at once. The Farmer really enjoys feedback from our farm friends, so be sure to catch him, and let him know about your experience. Ask questions about the trees, that’s his favorite topic!

The Farmer’s wife, my mom … she wears about twenty different hats, from the accountant to the farm hand. Most importantly, she makes sure Emily’s Wooden Spoon is stocked with all our customers favorites :). My mom keeps the farm running smoothly on field trips and the weekends.

Josh, my older brother, drives a tractor on the weekends, and on field trips, when he’s not working as a firefighter. Josh spends almost every free moment at the farm!

Brittany, Josh’s wife, likes to help in the Mason Jar Market on the weekends. Brittany is an excellent baker, so the Mason Jar Market is the perfect place for her!

Me, the Farmer’s Daughter, I can typically be found in the Mason Jar Market during field trips, and admission on the weekends. I usually have Elijah; my son, strapped to my back and am bouncing like a crazy person to keep him happy.

Ernie, my husband, works in the kitchen on the fryer on weekends. He loves the kitchen crew and in October, he usually finds a way to stream the Aggie football game while cooking up some yummy chicken strips!

Mason, my younger brother, is studying at Texas A&M but usually finds his way home at least once during each season. Mason loves being home and hops all over the farm, trying to soak in a whole season of fun in just a couple days.

Abbie, my younger sister, is usually found in the Dotty Depot. Abbie is very involved in her senior year of high school, sports and our church, so she usually doesn’t have many free weekends to be at the farm. We are so proud of Abbie and everything she is involved in, and we cherish the weekends that she gets to be at the farm!

Lastly, my son Elijah, only 11 months old, has been working at the farm since birth. Elijah loves to ride with golf cart with his Poppy (The Farmer), he likes to taste test the French fries, and spend time snuggling with me, while I work!

We also have several of my aunts, uncles and cousins working weekends on the farm. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by family while creating memories and traditions for your family. Come see all four generations on the farm this spring and bring your grandparents, parents, siblings and kiddos. The farm is fun for the entire family, no matter what age!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

– Emily, The Farmer’s Daughter.



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