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Bloomin’ Beautiful

Texas in the SpringTime

It’s so darned pretty at the farm when Bluebonnets, Buttercups and Indian Pinks are all blooming! Of course, it’s pretty everywhere in Texas during the spring, but we’re especially partial to our own devine 40 acres. Come see us this spring! It’s a great place for family photo ops.

Dotty Dot Dot Dot!

Yep, we love dots!

Everyone knows about the farm’s spokesChicken — Miss Dotty. But have you met other other dotted chickens that live here? These are called Wyandottes! They are an American breed of chicken developed in the 1870s and named for the Native American Wyandot people. They have a sweet temperament and lay lovely brown eggs. We love the dotty feathers, don’t you?

Pretty Bubbles

Bubbling with Fun!

One of the simplest and most fun attractions for Springtime fun at the farm is our Bubble Trough! It’s a galvanized stock tank full of a magical brew of “bubble stuff” — we lend you a giant wand that you dip into the brew! When you swish the wand in the air, “Voila!” (as they say in Paris), an iridescent bubble of wondrous shape comes forth!

Photos with Santa

During “Pancakes with Santa”, professional photographer Bailey Christian Photography, will be at the farm for photos beginning at $20 per package.

The pictures that you purchase will be available minutes after your visit with Santa!

You may take your own photos as well if package is purchased (and if you are attending Pancakes with Santa). No photo purchase necessary to visit with Santa! See what photo packages are available.

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