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About our Christmas Trees

During the Christmas season, families are invited to the farm to choose and cut their own tree. Upon arrival, information is provided to assist in finding and cutting a tree. Families take a saw (provided by the farm) and head out to the fields to locate the perfect tree.

After cutting their tree, a hayride is given back to the processing area where the tree is shaken to remove any loose needles/leaves and then wrapped with netting (baled) for the ride home. Twine is provided to tie your Christmas tree to your vehicle (our insurance does not allow our staff to tie your tree).


Choose: Leyland Cypress

  • Most popular and sought after tree on Southern Christmas tree farms.
  • Hypo-allergenic sterile tree – no pollen produced making the tree great for people with allergies. Propagated by cuttings.
  • Very light and minimal scent.
  • Dense growth habit with soft foliage.
  • Capable of holding light to medium weight ornaments.
  • Longest lasting of all trees in the home. Will last over 6 weeks if kept well watered and away from heat sources.

Choose: Arizona Cypress

  • Citrus and mint scent.
  • Bluish gray to blue in color.
  • Dense growth habit with foliage capable of holding light to heavy ornaments.
  • Will last 4 to 6 weeks in the home if kept watered and away from heat sources.

We also offer fresh-cut Fraser Fir from farms in the mountains of North Carolina.


The first Christmas trees were planted at Devine Acres in 2002.
We now have over 15,000 trees currently growing in our fields. Individual care is given to the trees from planting to harvest. An average 6 to 8 foot tree takes 4 to 5 years to grow.

Trees are planted in early spring at each site where a tree was cut down the previous Christmas season. The trees are watered and fertilized through drip irrigation. Younger trees are staked using bamboo stakes to ensure as straight of a trunk as possible. Each and every tree is hand sheared and trimmed in early summer allowing enough time for new growth by the Christmas season. Insects and diseases are managed throughout the growing seasons through spraying procedures.

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