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If the walls could talk …

If the farm is part of your family’s seasonal traditions and you come to see us often … you have probably noticed that the Mason Jar Market is always flaunting a new layout.

My mother is the queen of change and is always searching for the perfect layout in the Mason Jar Market. The market typically undergoes a total transformation at least two times a year prior to the opening of each season. But the furniture and merchandise seem to shift almost daily.

My mom is quiet handy and takes on most projects in the market herself, only asking for help when she is deep into the project and finds herself in a pickle. A perfect example is the full bathroom that once took up a large footprint in the middle of the market. My mom took care of the demo work and only brought in the Farmer to remove the bathtub (it was too heavy for her to lift). With determination, a power drill and a whole lot a touch up paint… there is nothing my mom can’t handle!

This week on the farm, the market is in the middle of its transformation gearing up for the Spring EGGstravaganza. My mom has been working countless hours and of course … everything in the store has been rearranged and spruced up. The market is in the final stages of its preparations for the season and is turning out to be as darling as ever. When you join us at the farm for the Spring EGGstravaganza, be sure to spend some time in the Mason Jar Market and enjoy all the changes that have been made!



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