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Meet the Farmer’s daughter

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I am Emily Morales, the Farmer’s Daughter. I am a stay at home mom to a precious little boy, Elijah Alton. Elijah is 10 months old; he was born in April and joined the farm staff almost immediately. Elijah and I spend most of our days at the farm, and hardly go a day without stopping by to see what is going on. My wonderful husband, Ernie is a software tester during the week and spends the weekends driving a tractor at farm or at his parents’ hay farm. Ernie and I have recently sold our home in town and purchased a fixer upper farm house a couple miles from the farm and are so excited to be closer to the farm.  

15 years ago, my parents loaded my siblings and I into the car and drove us an hour south to check out the farm they were going to purchase. Many of you probably drive an hour south as well to check out the farm with your family. As you enter the gates you see beautiful fields of Christmas trees, gorgeous oak trees, a peaceful pond and probably think that living on the farm sounds like a dream. It is a dream now … 15 years ago; it was far from the dreamy. My siblings and I honestly thought our parents had lost their mind for even considering the farm, so of course they purchased it. At the age of 8, I would have never thought that this run down farm would become my favorite place to be.  

The farm is very special to our family. It holds many cherished memories, birthday parties, prom pictures on the dock, our engagement in the Christmas trees and so many more.  We love our sweet little farm and enjoy sharing our piece of heaven with you and your family. We hope you create special memories and traditions that will be passed from generation to generation. I am excited to share life of on the farm with you!

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