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About the Farm

Our adventure began

It was in 2002 that our family of 6 decided to move back to our hometown of Devine. We fell in love with a 44 acre farm that we now call Devine Acres Farm.  Our little family of 6 has now grown into a family of 9! We have added our daughter in law, Brittany, our son in law, Ernie, and our precious little grandsons , Elijah and Emmett to our family! Josh and Brittany are expecting a little girl in February of 2018. With their help, and support from our family and friends, we’ve been renovating and expanding the farm (and our family!) ever since! 

Our goal: It was then and is now to create an old fashioned farm experience for families while developing an appreciation for Texas agriculture and witnessing first hand the beauty of God’s creation.

We continue to grow

As we expand and develop the farm, we constantly see the incredible way God works in our lives and we truly realize that … “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.” [Ecclesiastes 3:1]


A Rich History: In the beginning, there were olives …

In the early ’90s, olive trees were planted in Central Texas by Baxter Adams on Adams’s property (now Devine Acres Farm) in Devine.

Adams was already well-known within agricultural circles as the originator and key player in the development of the commercial dwarf apple tree industry in Texas, overseeing more than 150,000 apple trees on his Love Creek Orchards in the Hill Country near Medina.   Adams had become interested in olive cultivation while attempting to research climate comparisons between Texas and Spain, the world’s largest producer of olive oil.

Much like the early Texas winemakers and lavender growers, these olive enthusiasts noted the similarities in soil and climate between certain European olive-growing regions and many areas of Texas.  Unfortunately, those first orchards succumbed to freezes that killed all of the young trees.  Adams eventually went back to his apple trees.   [Source:  EdibleAustin.com]

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