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Tree Types

Christmas Tree Types

Come to Devine Acres Farm to choose-n-cut your Christmas tree and start a new family tradition! We have Leyland Cypress and Arizona Cypress in our forests of trees! And Fraser Fir trees that are fresh-cut and shipped to us from the mountains of North Carolina. Read more about them below, to see what’s best for your family!

Choose: Leyland Cypress

  • Most popular and sought after tree in the South!
  • Hypo-allergenic sterile tree – no pollen produced making the tree great for folks with allergies. Minimal scent.
  • Dense growth habit with soft foliage, holding light to medium weight ornaments.
  • Will last over 6 weeks if kept well watered and away from heat sources.

Choose: Arizona Cypress

  • Citrus and mint scent.
  • Bluish gray to blue in color.
  • Dense growth habit with foliage capable of holding light to heavy ornaments.
  • Will last 4 to 6 weeks in the home if kept watered and away from heat sources.

Choose: Fraser Fir

  • Shipped directly to our farm in a refrigerated truck.
  • Strong and pleasant scent.
  • Dark green color.
  • Good needle retention.
  • Strong branches will hold heavy ornaments.
  • Kept in water while at the farm and if kept in water and away from heat sources in the home will last through Christmas with minimal needle drop.

After cutting their tree, the tree is picked up by our trailers and taken back to the processing area where the tree is shaken to remove any loose needles/leaves and then wrapped with netting (baled) for the ride home. Twine is provided to tie your Christmas tree to your vehicle (our insurance does not allow our staff to tie your tree)..

Tree Care Tips:
We can give you lots of tips and tricks for taking care of your Christmas trees, so they will stay beautiful for the whole holiday season.
Go to: Caring for Your Tree

For goodness sakes, don’t forget about the Mason Jar for the most Devine Christmas ornaments, gifts and goodies!