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Farm Field Trip: Teacher Tips

  • Arrival/Start time
    Your group should plan to arrive between 9:30-9:45. Field trips begin at 10:00! If you arrive early your group may use the restrooms and play on the playground until it is time to begin. Please call 210-288-6260 if you are running late or lost!
  • Departure
    The field trip ends at 1:00. Buses need to depart between 1:15-1:30.
  • Parents
    We welcome parents and encourage them to attend with their child. Please inform your parents of their cost ($8). Parents/tag alongs will receive an arm band upon arrival at the farm once admission is paid. Please DO NOT include parent admission with the school check.
  • Teachers:  Paying for your school’s field trip
    We do not require advance payment or deposit from schools although a reservation is required. Please pay for your field trip the day that you come to the farm. Forms of payment accepted are cash or checks made payable to Devine Acres Farm.  Please come into the store to pay for your field trip. We will be happy to write you a receipt.
  • Facilities
    We have clean portable toilets with hand washing facilities available on the farm. A handicapped accessible portable toilet is available.
  • Clothing
    Be sure to dress for the farm as well as the weather. Please encourage students to bring jackets if it is cold as all activities are outdoors. No sandals or open toed shoes.
  • Water
    Teachers, please be sure to provide your students with drinking water. We do have bottled water for sale in the store, but do not have water fountains. We will have igloos available with cold water and cups can be purchases for a minimal cost (10 for $1) to cover our ice/cup expenses.
  • Snacks
    Feel free to bring snacks (especially for younger students who are used to eating lunch early).  There are a couple of rotations during the field trip that lend themselves well to having a snack! We do not stop the field trip rotations for snacks.
  • Lunch
    Lunch time is usually around 12-12:15. We have two covered pavilions with picnic tables for you to enjoy your sack lunch. Please let us know at least 3 days in advance if you are purchasing lunch for your class/school so that we can meet your needs!
  • Farm Food                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We have some great options on the farm for lunch. Please pre-order these three options upon arrival at the farm.  7″ personal size pepperoni pizza, Nathan’s all beef hot dog, grilled cheese on TX toast. We give you a voucher that you will “redeem” during lunch. It helps us know how much food to prepare: There are many other items that are not required to be pre-ordered:  nachos, frito pie, chips, pickles. We have lattes, cappuccinos, frappuccinos, roasted nuts, fresh baked cookies and more! Let’s just say you won’t leave hungry!!
  • Safety
    Please provide a first aid kit for your students. All activities are outdoors and there are certain risks associated with being outdoors:  bee or wasp stings, hay allergies, etc. We do not administer or distribute any type of medications.
  • Weather
    Please call before departing for the farm if you think the weather might be a problem. (Debi’s cell phone 210-288-6260) The soil is sandy on the farm and mud is never a problem!!
  • Cancellation/Re-Schedule
    If you need to cancel your field trip please give us a minimum of 72 hours notice. If you need to re-schedule, please call or email as early as possible as space is limited.
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