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It’s haircut time!

As soon as the spring season comes to an end, the hard work begins for the Farmer. Each and every Christmas tree needs a haircut. Yes, all 15,000 trees. … Of course, the Farmer gets a little help from his handy side-kicks, Millie and Max. 

Each tree is trimmed by hand with a special trimmer. The blade is attached to a long pole to reach the top tree, making sure there is a perfect top, for your star. The Farmer walks around the tree with the trimmer to create the traditional Christmas tree shape. The trees might look a little skinny during the summer, but they will put out 6 inches of growth before Christmas time. It takes approximately a minute to two minutes to trim each tree, depending on the size of the tree. The Farmer will start to trim trees in April, and usually finishes around August. Most trees will only be trimmed once, and be ready for December, a few trees might need a little touching up.

Lots of love and care goes into growing the tree that will be apart of your family’s holidays. The tree fields are looking amazing, after the trees are trimmed!

This Leyland Cypress is untrimmed and looking a little hairy …

This Arizona Cypress is trimmed and ready for Christmas. 

Just a little comparison of the trimmed and untrimmed Leylands.  


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