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Scavenger Egg Hunt

Scavenger Egg Hunt

Our unique egg hunt combines a scavenger hunt with a traditional Easter egg hunt — fun for the whole family, and it’s included with Farm Admission.

Dotty does a clue sheet for you to find the dotted eggs around the farm. Follow her speckled clues while enjoying 40+ farm activities. Got the six dotted eggs in your basket? Next …

Head to the Meadow to hunt for the remaining six (solid colored) eggs. When your basket is full (or at quota), exchange the eggs for a prize bag and take pictures with Dotty’s pal, the Country Bunny.

Bring your own Easter basket or use some of the egg cartons we have available.
For visitors under age 2 (who pay no Farm Admission), may pay a $5.00 fee to join in the egg hunt.